Marketplace Management Services

Online marketplaces are convenient, but intricate. To make it to the forefront, you require the necessary tools to upgrade. In this opportunistic field of eCommerce, our solutions refine your business making the most complex challenges simple.
Our dedicated team is well versed with the demands of the internet as well as the needs of today’s customer nationally, and internationally.
We manage the marketplaces efficiently and smoothly making business hassle-free for you!

How we Deliver

A product’s photograph is perhaps, one of the important things in online retail. 

With skilled professionals on the job, you can rest assured that your product is going to come out looking great! It will undoubtedly help your product make an impeccable first impression!

With our premium quality pictures, you get the perfect definition that your product needs. These pictures will be well suited for a zoomed in look too!

For any business, advertising is the backbone. 

It is the one thing that cannot be compromised under any circumstances. It can make or break your business. 

We dedicatedly work towards increasing your visibility on various platforms and channels. Using handy tools like SEM and by incorporating keywords specific to your domain, we ensure that you get the best deal for the promotion you need. 

We also provide marketplace specific advertising for your exclusive publicity needs. 

Listing makes up the body of your sale. It helps the customer understand and trust the  product. A good listing shows that the seller is a responsible person with a good sense of accountability.

At sum media, we are well versed in the needs of today’s consumer and provide an easy-to-understand, attractive and detailed listing of your products. 

Using tools like SEO, we make it easy for your customers to reach your product. 

We also provide consultation in the field of promotions and listing services for you !

Managing and thriving on several websites isn’t easy. It takes a lot of planning and a meticulous course of action.  

Our professionals take care of it skillfully for you.

From your warehouse stock management, to accurate statistics of your sales on different platforms, we make everything easy for you.

Our centralized order management enables faster and more efficient responses to oncoming demands.

We work with a number of websites and are well acquainted with the criteria that leads to a successful sale.

Order management plays a huge role in improving your ratings on marketplaces.  

We ensure regular processing for every order and well timed deliveries for maximum customer satisfaction.